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Performance Counseling Specialist

Dr. Charles Mac Kentnor -  - Psychologist

Dr. Charles Mac Kentnor

Psychologist located in Denver, CO

Dr. Kentnor helps individuals throughout Denver, Colorado and the surrounding areas, improve their work, school, sports and overall performance. Dr. Kentnor offers exclusive performance counseling which can help individuals create positive change in many areas of life.

Performance Counseling Q & A

What is performance counseling?

Career Performance CounselingPerformance counseling is designed to help patients improve their performance in areas of work, sports, school, and overall life. People can use this service for a variety of reasons: they can’t think of what to do to move themselves or their organization forward, they need a place to have one-on-one conversations about stresses at school or work, or they believe improving themselves can improve how they perform at work, at home, or at school. 


Why should individuals use this service?

Performance counseling is a great way to ensure that you are putting your best face forward. It can help individuals learn ways to deal with stress, conflict, and how to plan for the future. The coaching can:Lacrosse Performance Counseling

  • Develop the leadership skills 
  • Improve the success rates of those in school or at work 
  • Develop management and leadership skills
  • Improve behavioral responses to conflict
  • Handle the stress of life, work, and sports in a positive way 


For sports performance counseling, Dr. Kentnor has years of experience working with athletes from all types of sports. Some of the athletes that he most commonly works with are soccer, lacrosse, and hockey players. 


What is Dr. Kentnor's approach like?

The process will begin by laying out a base for the coaching program and going over the goals that each individual Performance Counselinghas for the program. I'll sit down with my client to discuss relationships which could be improved, the style of therapy which is the best fit for their needs, goals, and guidelines for the program, how success will be measured, and other details about the counseling sessions including timing and logistics. Then I'll work with my client toward the goals through psychotherapy and advice. I will also work to provide a space which is compassionate and open, where my clients do not feel judged, but deeply understood. Individuals will be able to experiment with different ways of being and relating as well. I want to help my clients feel comfortable when providing feedback about what is helping them and what’s not. For more information, contact the office for a consultation.