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Psychotherapy Specialist

Dr. Charles Mac Kentnor -  - Psychologist

Dr. Charles Mac Kentnor

Psychologist located in Denver, CO

Getting to the root cause of a mental health issue is the best way to treat it. At his practice in Denver, Colorado, Dr. Kentnor helps his clients overcome their problems using integrative psychotherapy.

Psychotherapy Q&A

What is psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy, also called talk therapy, is a type of treatment used to address mental health issues. This therapy assists people with understanding the disorder and how to overcome it. Psychotherapy teaches individuals how to cope with symptoms and offers tools for dealing with stressful or triggering circumstances. The type of therapy used for a particular mental disorder will depend on the person and what they are experiencing.


What types of psychotherapy are available?

There are several different types of therapy used at the practice. Many types can be used for a single individual. Some types can include:

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) - This technique mixes cognitive and behavioral therapies. It focuses on the person’s thoughts, beliefs, and how those things influence his or her mood and behaviors. The goal is to create thinking which helps a person to adapt and to change unhealthy behavioral patterns.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) - This type of therapy is a subcategory of CBT. It was developed for those dealing with suicidal thoughts and attempts. DBT focuses on creating a relationship between the individual and the therapist which is equal and strong. The psychologist will talk with the individual about behavior which is unhealthy. Then teach individuals the skills needed to deal with situations better.

Interpersonal Therapy - This is typically used on a one-on- one basis. It is based on the idea that improving the way a person communicates and how the person relates to others is a very effective way to treat depression. Individuals are taught how to identify when an emotion is unhealthy and when a situation is a trigger for those unhealthy emotions. Individuals will also be taught how to express emotions in a positive way.


What is the integrative approach?

I take an integrative approach to therapy and focus on meeting and respecting each individual’s needs. I work to provide a space which is compassionate and open, where my clients do not feel judged, but deeply understood. My clients will be able to experiment with different ways of being and relating. I want to help my clients feel comfortable when providing feedback about what is helping them and what’s not. I will avidly listen to each person’s needs and do my absolute best to accommodate them.