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Dr. Charles Mac Kentnor

Psychologist located in Denver, CO

It is not easy to open up and share your experiences and struggles with another person. Developing trust and a sense of comfort and safety is a process. I respect that you will share what you deem necessary to our work together in a manner and within a timeframe that is comfortable for you. My focus is on meeting and respecting your individual needs, providing a space that is compassionate and open, where you do not feel judged, where you feel deeply understood, and where you can experiment with new ways of being and relating.

I seek to help you feel comfortable in providing me with feedback regarding what you find helpful and/or unhelpful, your perceptions of me and our interactions, and in communicating your therapeutic needs. I view such feedback as essential to building trust, increasing your sense of empowerment, helping you to feel involved and respected in the therapy process, and ensuring that our work together is both effective and tailored to address your unique concerns. I see adults and adolescents in individual therapy to address issues ranging from trauma, complex trauma/personality disorders, depression, and anxiety, to trouble with relationships, self-esteem, and personal growth.

I believe that each individual’s unique life experiences influence one's view of him or herself and the issues that have lead to their seeking therapy. Although many people come to see me to address specific concerns, I have found that these issues are often related to more general feeling that that their world has gotten smaller, of feeling limited, an experience of a lack of vitality or wholeness, of feeling shut down or overwhelmed by fears, of constantly confronting barriers that interfere with their ability to live the best life that they know on some level they are capable of living. I view therapy as a collaborative process where I work together with my clients to identify these barriers, increase self-awareness, and gain insight into experiences and issues that have created these barriers.

We develop an approach that fits with them as individuals and addresses their unique life circumstances. However, I do not see therapy as simply developing skills or tools to manage their symptoms and address these barriers. I believe the outcome of a successful therapy involves helping clients arrive at a place where they truly feel more alive, energetic, and whole. Where they experience themselves and the world around them in a different, more open, creative and positive way; where they feel comfortable in their own skin, and the world is a place where opportunity and new experiences await.